Saoto Soup

Saoto soup is one of the most populair soups from my home country Suriname. Saoto soup orginate from the Island of Java, which is in Indonesia. What I love about this soup is the flavors of galangal, lemon grass, Indonesian bai leaves and the fresh. Today I’ll show you how to make… View Post

Wash and Go Thursday Series Using Monoi Oil

Welcome to the Wash and Go Thursday series. As you know, I upload every last thursday of the month a wash and go video using different products. This time I used Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Leave-In Conditioning Creme. I always do my wash and go on freshly conditioned and shampooed hair.… View Post

Vulnerability makes you weak!

This topic is been playing on my heart for months. Today was the day I had to speak. When you feel like speaking, speak! In our culture (Surinamese), the woman is presented as a strong & independent leader. So this is what I’ve always wanted to become. Strong and independent. As a young… View Post

Pin It!

The versatility of natural hair is endless. If you worry about not having enough hair styles while natural, please stop now! What I like about natural hair is the fact that I can go from curly to straight. I’ve straightened my hair about 2 weeks ago and I decided to pin… View Post

Islamic Golden Age Dayplanner

What I ‘m most excited about is the fact that 2016 requires a new dayplanner. Although I find it (most of the time) challenging keeping up a daily schedule, I love to plan my activities and managing my time efficiently. I think a nice and beautiful dayplanner can increase your motivation… View Post

Golden Bronze Holiday Glam Makeup

Girls just wanna have fun and sometimes we wanna look extra beautiful. This is a nice golden bronze makeup look. This is not my everyday makeup routine . I do this for special occasions, such as a weddings, going out with the girls or with a boo-thang…