Vulnerability makes you weak!

This topic is been playing on my heart for months. Today was the day I had to speak. When you feel like speaking, speak! In our culture (Surinamese), the woman is presented as a strong & independent leader. So this is what I’ve always wanted to become. Strong and independent. As a young… View Post

My Mother Left For 7 Years

Most of you already know that I was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at a young age. The only thing you don’t know is that my mother left for 7 years. My grandparents took care of my sister, my cousins and I.

Growing Up Surinamese

Can you remember the first time your mother gave a sex education? Me neither! One topic Surinamse parents are afraid to discuss with their children is: sex education. The first time I had sex education was the first time I had my period. This talk was given by my mother… View Post