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The versatility of natural hair is endless. If you worry about not having enough hair styles while natural, please stop now! What I like about natural hair is the fact that I can go from curly to straight. I’ve straightened my hair about 2 weeks ago and I decided to pin… View Post

Glamorous Holiday Hairstyle

The holidays can not pass without a beautiful hairstyle. Although I ‘m quite vain , I love to look extra glamorous during the holidays. This is such an easy and quick hairstyle . You do not need much to create this.

How To Install Ghana Cornrows

Although the Wash n Go is my favorite go-to style, I always like to change it up from time to time. I challange myself to wear more protective styling this fall & winter. 1: because I want my hair to be healthy and 2: I want my hair to grow. The… View Post

Roll Roll Roll..

Let’s talk about this perfect heatless roller set! I love the curls after a roller set, but all the work before.. That’s terrible, especially if your hair is long. I was so amazed the curls came well. I think this has to do with the patience I had while rolling the… View Post

Super Easy 3 minute Up-Do

This is my easy and quick Up-do. I do this all the time when my Wash n Go is too old. I did this on a 5 days old Wash n Go. I also love to wear this hairstyle with my favorite scarf. I wrap my head and leave the… View Post

Let’s Style That Wash N Go

In the summer you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair. However I love to wear my hair loose, I know that this is not always the best choice in the summer. That’s why I love this hairstyle. This way I keep the fullness of my hair and… View Post