Growing Up Surinamese

Can you remember the first time your mother gave a sex education? Me neither! One topic Surinamse parents are afraid to discuss with their children is: sex education. The first time I had sex education was the first time I had my period. This talk was given by my mother with the most bizarre words.

Basically my mom told me that I have become a woman. I should not interfere with boys and I should not fool around with boys, because I would get pregnant (No mom.. having sex with boys will get you pregnant). I had no clue what these words meant, but I accepted the speech. Now that I’m older and thinking back, I came to the conclusion that I never had a ‘real’ sex talk from one of my parents. Would I wanted this? Probably not. Imagine your mother explaining what she does with your father behind closed doors. This would be the most uncomfortable situation ever. I do not have kids, but I wonder whether I would choose the same method. Will I wait till my daughter gets her first period? And when will I give my son sex education? With all the technology nowadays, I would probably send them a text message…



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