Glamorous Holiday Hairstyle

The holidays can not pass without a beautiful hairstyle. Although I ‘m quite vain , I love to look extra glamorous during the holidays. This is such an easy and quick hairstyle . You do not need much to create this.

My Mother Left For 7 Years

Most of you already know that I was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at a young age. The only thing you don’t know is that my mother left for 7 years. My grandparents took care of my sister, my cousins and I.

Alexander Palace London

In october I visited my bestfriend for a week. She is a student & lives in England. This has become my yearly trip. The last two years I celebrated my birthday in England. Sometimes we need to getaway and forget about getting older..

Growing Up Surinamese

Can you remember the first time your mother gave a sex education? Me neither! One topic Surinamse parents are afraid to discuss with their children is: sex education. The first time I had sex education was the first time I had my period. This talk was given by my mother… View Post

Ghana Cornrows : Maintenance

Not because I have a protective style it means I dont have to maintain my Ghana cornrows. This is a hairstyle which can last for a couple of days, with the right maintenance. I do this routine twice a week.

How To Install Ghana Cornrows

Although the Wash n Go is my favorite go-to style, I always like to change it up from time to time. I challange myself to wear more protective styling this fall & winter. 1: because I want my hair to be healthy and 2: I want my hair to grow. The… View Post