Vulnerability makes you weak!

This topic is been playing on my heart for months. Today was the day I had to speak. When you feel like speaking, speak! In our culture (Surinamese), the woman is presented as a strong & independent leader. So this is what I’ve always wanted to become. Strong and independent. As a young girls I’ve always been told by family members, that the only man you need in life is you diploma. I’ve been living and preaching this for years. Until I got in my mid twenties and saw independent as a weakness instead of a quality!

Being independent is not a bad thing, but now that I’m older and reflect on my life more than ever… I see that I always had a problem relying on people. I found out that I was afraid to be vulnerable. I had to learn to be comfortable being vulnerable. 

What helped me along my journey.. As I’ve mentioned already, I reflect alot on myself. I write my happy, sad, angry etc. moments in my notebook. I write down what I feel and were this is coming from. What also helped was doing! Don’t only think about doing it, but get up and start. I still have so much to learn. Aspecially in work related situations. It’s hard for me to find the balance between business and pleasure. I’m getting there! I know for myself that I will never be extra.. but I do know that it’s very important to reach out to people, otherwise they will never open up to you. Besides people who arent vulnerable miss so much in life and in Love.


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